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What is .NOMEDIA file?

A NOMEDIA document can be described as document kept upon a Android os mobile or portable product, or perhaps on a great external safe-keeping cards linked to a great Android os program. It markings their attaching index since having zero multimedia info so the file might not end up being searched and listed simply by multi-media systems players. NOMEDIA data files do not filename prefix and therefore are basically generally known as .nomedia.

The application of NOMEDIA data helps increase effectiveness by simply removing from the total version which in turn not must be read. For very good example, a data file which includes thousands of music or perhaps images may be ruled out. NOMEDIA files can easily also be taken to cover ads featured in totally free software when placed in precisely the same list on the advertising. Several Android operating-system sound and on the web video players, and photo browsers (Gallery, MP3 Player, Online video Player, and so forth ) appreciate NOMEDIA documents.

How to open .NOMEDIA file?

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