Common File Extensions

Most popular file extensions. Lists of programs supporting specific file formats.


JSON File Extension

Open JSON files

A JSON file is actually a data file that retailers straightforward info buildings and things in J...

JSON file

APK File Extension

Open APK files

A great APK file is usually an application produced for Android os operating system, Googles por...

APK file

PKPASS File Extension

Open PKPASS files

A PKPASS file is a document employed simply by Passbook, a great iOS 6th application employed fo...


NOMEDIA File Extension

Open NOMEDIA files

A NOMEDIA document can be described as document kept upon a Android os mobile or portable produc...


CRDOWNLOAD File Extension


A CRDOWNLOAD document may be a partially downloaded data file designed simply by the Google Chro...


OPUS File Extension

Open OPUS files

The OPUS file extension is usually intended for a great audio codec format that was generated by...

OPUS file

FLAC File Extension

Open FLAC files

FLAC decreases the dimensions of digital sound around 50 percent and is a thoroughly reinforced ...

FLAC file

MKV File Extension

Open MKV files

An excellent MKV document can be described as internet online video document salvaged in the Mat...

MKV file

EPUB File Extension

Open EPUB files

The. epub file file format is usually quite often provided to data that have been designed merel...

EPUB file